October - December 2012

Hey guys, I am running a custom home construction company in Chicago area, you have helped me to find 3 new clients my very first week, I love your services, please keep it up!
Jim W.
Chicago, IL

I am an owner of a Toyota dealership and I can say that your phone systems are the best thing we have and most importantly we do not have to pay $3,000 every month for the phone system anymore because of your services! We also will renew our annual contract for 2013.
Lisa N.
Pensacola, FL

Hi, we are a roofing company in Dallas. I just want to say THANK YOU for your superior services and new leads.
Greg and Mary D.
Dallas, TX

I run child care service here in Brooklyn. Please feel free to post my comment. I would like to say that you are much better than many other marketing companies we have used. We have been in the business relationship for almost 5 years now and every year your services are better.
Marina L.
Brooklyn, NY

I was very skeptical when you said that potential clients will be calling me, since I had to find them myself for the last 25 years. I had only my common sense before I choose your services. I thought that you probably could promote my business online, since I found you the same way, I have typed 'company advertising' and out of 1.7 billion searches you are on the top, than I have tried search term 'company promotion' – you are there again (out of 641 million searches), so I have made the right decision!
Jim W.
Los Angeles, CA


  • Website or Service Promotion in Google search (in top 4 positions).
  • Local or Long Distance Phone Number.
  • Call forwarding (up to 3 phone lines).
  • Professional (Studio Quality) telephone greeting.
  • 24/7 Website monitoring.
  • Online Business Consulting services.
  • 4-5 pages company website (if needed).


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